Three rooms

Shannon Lyons

Three rooms takes the form of a series of painted postcards produced in the artists home while in isolation and sent via post to the home of the Bus Projects curator.

Architectural details, finishes, textures and fixings, as well as incongruous marks and traces of current and prior inhabitation of a one bedroom apartment, reveal themselves after a protracted period spent at home. These, along with the artists imaginings and associations, inform the imagery and anecdote for each painted postcard.

In a time of increased virtual connectivity and digital creation, Three rooms seeks to engage analogue forms of making and communicating, at least in part. Each work operates as an abstracted fragment of a larger whole, with the works’ material and formal composition collectively building up a ‘picture’ of the home, for a viewer situated elsewhere. Three rooms is an exercise in sustained looking, noticing, and a conscious effort to engage with the actuality of place.

Image credits: Christo Crocker.