Deciduous 123r / 49v
Rowan McNaught

123rIn the crisis of the aftermath there's more scapegoats escaping. They're fed in like additional items with an endless scroll and faint. Help says one in the stream of the escape. But the others don't care about language apart from its presence as a payload. Help says another. They float ludicrously or fall together in bursts of fluffy white shards in parallel to an illuminated coast. As they fall, the scapegoats spin on their own axes within variations in particular. We see this as a circulatory system. They must have axes to rotate but Help they say in order to hold out against being spun or matted. Bleat we translate Help as. Not to be independent they wish towards, or How to share the blame in shards of fur. Bleat says one. The scapegoats falling are felted together into a big white plastic bag and their lifespan is measured in frames. Help help help. They're not evil, Scapegoats or Marks. Not really evil. But in the felting, off goes the particular sky of the Scapegoats' blameless red garland and shift. Now it's not overcast. Here's the Assistant rainbow to Help.

49vIn a hallway with the door open, a Honeywell T87 will attempt to equalise the temperature of the continuous (available) world. It sits between the mirror-dresser and the coat-hook which resembles two of four talons of a lived-in bird, like a Fiji or an Imitator goshawk. The Honeywell has the brain of a bird but no mouth or Nest. In this arrangement and when you’re cold you might catch sight of the consternation of yourself in the mirror-dresser when you run around the corner of the living room to adjust the temperature. At least. Or the top of your head or your apparently open mouth. What you can’t see is the outcasting belly of the change in the air as it flushes through a white flyscreen: the plastic or enamel white an extruded quatrefoil egg which flauntingly comes off in drying and which the Honeywell is doomed to face. If you could see the change in the air, it’d spill like the extra-amniotic puff of the wind in 1362. The thermostat is a lens perplexing the evidence of environmental warmth upside-down and inside-out and dreaming and as percussive as the feet of the continuous (available) world.