Le Collective

Le Collective
Antoine Carbonne

Le Collective is a non for profit exhibition project organised by artists, established in 2018. It is not defined by the persons who compose it. It is defined by the protocol.

Le Collective imagine pop-up exhibitions that occur in abandoned places. The kind of places that seem to be owned by no one, or everyone.

These places are chosen for their aesthetic and narrative qualities. The chosen place is considered the most important aspect of the event and gives a particular energy to it.

The idea is to forget the constraints of conventional white cube exhibitions and find spaces for freedom of expression.

This project wants to create an ironic alternative to the Art Fair and usual ways of presenting art.

Le Collective's one-day interventions go beyond the typical exhibition project; they are moments of celebration, discovery, meeting, stepping aside and wandering.

The following images are a selection from Le Collective's project OFF ART_O_RAMA, Marseille, France 2019.

Wolf Cuyvers
Ugo Shiavi
Yoan Sorin and Mehdi Besnainou
Romain Rambaud
Claude Closky
Yoan Sorin and Mehdi Besnainou