Island, island.

The All Conference Artist-run Initiatives Sub-sector
Ben Eltham
Distilled Dissonance: the species known & other beings
Jen Valender
Inside the Island: Island Island
Trent Walter
Belief and the Queer Music Video in Contemporary Pop
Brigid Hansen
Unnatural Hunger:
the copy, the vampire and postcolonial anxieties
Diego Ramírez
A Journey Around My Room
Rebecca Delange, Betra Fraval, Sophie Perillo, Jordan Wood, Elyss McCleary, Marcel Feillafe, Katie Sfetkidis
Out of living tissue:
Poetry in the realm of social conflict
Pamela Arce
The island is not a metaphor
Clara Murphy
Future ourselves, scenes
Nadine Christensen, Ruth Cummins, Rozalind Drummond, Elein Fleiss, Yanni Florence, Anna Jankovic, Shelley Lasica, Travis MacDonald, Jacob Raupach, & Mark Rodda.
A New Kind of Utopia
Corinna Berndt
Tongue rolls between smiles
Alice Heyward Megan Payne
Three rooms
Shannon Lyons
Angel Exchange
Zara Sully

Island Island acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we operate: the Wurundjeri people and Elders past and present of the Kulin nations.